ClearScore makes personal finance clearer, calmer and easier to understand. Our mission is to help you make decisions that create better financial well-being, so you can take control of your future. We believe this starts with your credit score and report.
Your credit report is like your financial CV. Banks and lenders can see this whenever you apply for credit, and it determines whether you’re eligible for certain products and at what rates. Despite this, almost 15 million UK adults have never checked their credit score and most credit reference agencies charge for access. The first UK company to provide customers with 100% free access to their credit score and report, ClearScore is presented simply and beautifully so it’s easy to understand. 
But we do more than just providing your free credit score. We share clear, unbiased information about the best and cheapest financial products in the market, from credit cards to loans and insurance, giving you options so that you don’t pay over the odds. ClearScore also offer free, interactive Coaching to help you reach your financial goals, whether you want to buy a home or choose the right credit card for you.