Delicious and highly flexible, dried fruits are an excellent nutrition booster -- and many a chef's best friend. Our huge supply includes organic fruit salads, fruit and nut mixes, juicy berries galore, plus more harder-to-find gems than ever, including lime, mango, quince and papaya! Of course, you’ll find all the traditional favourites here too: dried raisins, dates, figs, prunes, bananas, apricots, peaches, apples and pears. We have the finest dried fruit for you right here.

Why buy dried fruit?

More economical and much longer lasting than fresh fruit, lots of our customers bag these beauties not as a substitute for good nutrition, but as an extra guarantee of it! Throwing different blends of dried fruits into salads, cereals, porridge, sweet desserts and other meals is a great way of keeping things interesting, appetising and nutritious.

Dried fruits are very popular for a multitude of reasons! Eating fruit is associated with improved health and provides many of the essential minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and fiber that you need every day. Dried fruit doesn't spoil as quickly and is an easy snack to pack, especially for activities like hiking!

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